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Sustainability Strategy

Acaime Salento is a tourist agency focus on the protection, conservation, and animal and nature respect. Therefore, our services are NONCOMMERCIAL offers, where we will left the distraction from multiple groups of people to beautiful authentic and valuable areas in order to have a real experience and connection with all landscapes that will be protagonists of the tours. Likewise, we have incredible equines, which are a really important part of Acaime family. Our horses are animals that received veterinary care, appropriate feeding plus the love and care that all Acaime team and all tourists that have the pleasure to meet them provide to them.
Acaime Salento is a company from Salento that offers tours under the policy of high quality service, is a company that always keeps in mind the intention of created a natural, authentic, natural and animal friendly experience.

The local Company Acaime Salento purpose is to grow under the vision of respect of the cultural heritage, animal and natural respect of the area. Also, the company is focus on the responsible use of the information in order to generate consciousness about the importance of the conservation, protection and respect of animals and nature. These reasons inspire us to create sustainable and ecological lifestyle improvements.

Acaime Salento is a tour operator that is committed to offer a high quality service for national and international tourist. We have a competent staff that is committed to our vision and mission. We do not sell tours; we create high quality travel experiences. Hence, every tour in our offers, from the shortest to the longest, includes life insurance, legal guidance permissions for private and exclusive areas, responsible guides, plus a general company policy of responsible and appropriated information management focus on the protection, conservation and animal and nature respect

Acaime Salento is a Company that is committed to the right control of the water and energy resources in order to improve the correct use of solid waste by training our employees and service provides about environmental, socio cultural and economic topics that warranty contamination minimization, wrong o irresponsible use of natural and animal sources or any activity related to the manipulation of information. Plus, we are connected to a generation that promotes sensibility and real consciousness of ecological and lifestyle improvement.

• High quality service
• Respect
• Responsibility
• Commitment
• Proper use of the information
• Constant improvement and growth of human, natural and animal sources.


Keep a follow up of petitions, complaining and suggestions 60% of (PQRS – Colombian national request and complains system) Semestral analysis (% de PQRS- Colombian national request and complains system) answer/total of PQRS received)*100
The tour operator or company must provide service high quality standards for tourist are looking for. Reach 60% of satisfy costumers (% of satisfy clients /total clients)*100
Train the employees and providers about social, cultural and environmental matters cover 60% of the training program (total of accomplished training/total of accomplish booked trainings)*100

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